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Protecting our frontline workers and fellow Canadians

Pandemic Wave #2 | Creating Safer Communities

Taking Care of Each Other

Campaign #2 recognizes the vulnerable around us and front line workers who care for them. They too need to be protected with medical grade PPE which is difficult to access again.

Masking WellAccess to better PPE

Research has shown we are better protected with medical grade masks or 3 ply cloth including a filter. Unfortunately, for many, these masks are not accessible because of supply issues or lack of funds to do better. With your help, we will donate medical masks to protect our most vulnerable in the streets and our community homeless shelter front line workers who take care of them.

Get COVID Alert AppTrack our own social bubbles

During Wave #1, public health departments were able to track most of the cases as they were mainly in healthcare institutions. In this new wave, infections are in the community. We must leverage each other to track and trace our own community for COVID-19. Public health departments are overwhelmed now and can only tackle and trace super spreader events. We simply have too many community cases to rely solely on contact tracers to do this work. You can help.

EmployersProtecting your workplace

Beyond asking your team to download the COVID-19 Alert App, we can support all of our workers more by encouraging them to wear better masks inside your workplaces and provide paid sick leave. For some, getting access to higher quality masks may be economically difficult. Reach out to your extended community at work and provide access to quality PPE regardless of their ranking in your organization. 

3 Ways to Support our Communities

We are supporting 27 identified homeless shelters across Canada in collaboration with the Rogers Family Foundation.

Gift 4 boxes of certified Level 1 Surgical Masks to a homeless shelter.


Purchase 3 boxes of certified Level 1 Surgical Masks and gift 1 box of masks to a homeless shelter.


Purchase 3 boxes of certified Level 1 Surgical Masks and gift 3 Face Shields to a homeless shelter.


Recipient of University of Toronto Arbor Award

Recognized by the University of Toronto for our Masking Together Challenge Effort

On behalf of all our donors and volunteers, I humbly accept this prestigious University of Toronto alumni award for our Masking Together Challenge Campaign #1.

We are not finished our work and look forward to continuing our efforts to ‘Protecting our frontline workers and fellow Canadians’ as we launch our Campaign #2.

Campaign #1: Supporting University of Toronto Initiatives

Personal ProtectionHelp Workers

The world is facing a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against COVID-19. Masks are especially in demand. We also need more gowns, gloves and shields. As we find sources of all types of PPE through our collective efforts, the Faculty of Medicine at U of T, in partnership with their affiliated hospitals, will support the ethical distribution of all PPE to the hospitals that need them most.

Safe SanctuariesHelp Doctors

At the peak of the pandemic, up to 20% of healthcare providers may need to self-isolate, away from their family. Many Residents and Fellows (specialists in training) often have trouble finding a place to self isolate safely. Hence, together with the U of T Faculty of Medicine, we are partnering with hotels across the GTA to help with critical short-term accommodation. The Faculty of Medicine is committed to helping fund accommodation for all trainees who need it.

Battling COVID-19Help Researchers

The University of Toronto has created a Toronto COVID-19 Action Fund of $6,000,000, and we are seeking contributions to increase the size of this fund (target of $10M). This Fund supports research that renders near-term results (12 months) to positively impact individuals, communities and public health systems. The funds are open to researchers at U of T and across our partner hospitals.

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