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U of T alumna Dr. Elaine Chin, MD ’88, PGME ’89 (Medicine), MBA ’94, is leading the Masking Together Challenge, a fundraising initiative in response to the COVID-19 crisis. This campaign supports the most urgent priorities of U of T’s Faculty of Medicine, which will have immediate and long-term impact on a local, national and global level. This includes funding for: procurement of personal protective equipment (PPE) whenever possible, housing support for trainees who are front line health care workers, and COVID-19 research at U of T and across their partner hospitals.

All donations to the fund are tax receiptable and 100% of donations go to the priority projects, with no administrative fees.

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Questions & Answers

Are there administrative fees to U of T Faculty of Medicine?

100% of donations will go to the respective funds. There are no administrative fees or charges.

Can I donate by wire transfer or stock?

Yes, you can donate by wire transfer or stock and certainly by credit card, and cheques too.

How do I get a Charitable Tax Receipt?

If making a donation online, a tax receipt will be emailed to you immediately. If making a donation by wire transfer, stock or cheque, a tax receipt will be mailed to you shortly after.

Can I direct my donation to one specific challenge?

We will be asking you to share your preferences, if any. However, as this Challenge evolves, priorities will change and we would like for the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine team, to ethically prioritize the funds to the most urgent needs in a timely and appropriate manner.

Can I choose which challenge impacts I want to support?

We will be asking you if you have any preferences during your donation registration. Our goal is to place the impact where it’s needed the most given the uncertainty of need during the weeks and months ahead. However, your wishes will be honoured.

What is the governance model that you will be using for this Challenge?

The donation is collected by the University of Toronto. The governance of the funds is managed by the Dean of Medicine, in consultation with the Dean’s Executive Team. The distribution of the assets will be done in consultation with the Toronto Academic Health Science Network. See more about this throughout our website.


Our Challenges

Personal ProtectionHelp Workers

The world is facing a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against COVID-19. Masks are especially in demand. We also need more gowns, gloves and shields. As we find sources of all types of PPE through our collective efforts, the Faculty of Medicine at U of T, together with their TAHSN hospitals, will support the ethical distribution of all PPE to the hospitals who need them most.

Safe SanctuariesHelp Doctors

Beyond providing our frontline with masks, we can do more. At the peak of the pandemic, up to 20% of healthcare providers may need to be isolated at any one time, away from their family. Many Residents and Fellows (specialists in training) often have trouble finding a place to self isolate safely. Hence, together with the U of T Faculty of Medicine, we are reaching out to hotel chains to help with critical short-term accommodation.

Battling COVID-19Help Researchers

The University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine, has created a Toronto COVID-19 Action Fund of $6,000,000, and we are seeking contributions to increase the size of this fund (target of $10M). This Fund supports research that renders near-term results (12 months) to positively impact individuals, communities and public health systems. The funds are open to researchers at U of T and across our partner hospitals.

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